Jacqueline R. McEwan Ministries

"...His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 34:1

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ

“…His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” – Psalm 34:1

In some way, the namesake of Jacqueline R. McEwan Ministries has been sharing, teaching and preaching the good news of Jesus Christ since the age of 12. The many years of being immersed in the teachings of the Lord has helped pave the way to Dr. McEwan’s Prince George's County, MD-based ministry.

Early Life

From a very young age, she was allowed to teach vacation bible school and children’s classes, and later became a youth Sunday school teacher. She was always surrounded with spiritual guidance and family nurturing of her parents during those formidable years.

As a young teen, she also developed a love for gospel music and her mother made the sacrifice to provide piano lessons which allowed her to become one of the church organists.

Career Beginnings

Many years later, it was under her parents’ pastoral leadership that she organized their church’s first young adult choir and sanctuary choir. As an Elder she became the pastor’s Administrative Assistant and then accepted the assignment of assistant pastor.  

Elder McEwan along with her husband served as senior pastors of Higher Place of Praise (formerly known as Christian Tabernacle), an interracial church with a rich heritage in the state of Maryland and Washington, D.C. for the declaring of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During her tenure at the iconic church, she provided structure and guidance while preparing individuals for discipleship and leadership. 

She was diligent in applying new and updated techniques in the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ through educating, motivating and encouraging the membership. Her goal was to develop ministry that would not only benefit the parishioners, but also the surrounding communities. 

She continues to sense the urgency of not only effectively winning souls to Jesus, but also encouraging commitment and spiritual growth.

During this successful endeavor of her career, Pastor McEwan had the honor of meeting with the President of the United States at a White House function honoring religions leaders.

In her secular life, she served as a health systems specialist managing patient satisfaction surveys for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Before retiring from this position, she was thrilled to have been given special recognition from the First Lady of the United States for her participation in healthcare reform.

Touching the Lives of Others

While shifting to the overseeing of several ministries, she has been able to relate the importance of succession planning. It is imperative to not let God’s vision for the ministry end with the current Leader. She spends quality time teaching and preparing the eldership to take the helm of leading ministries.


Dr. McEwan continued her education throughout her professional career earning various degrees and certifications. She was ordained by the United Holy Church of America under the leadership of Bishop Joseph T. Bowens and affirmed by the Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries under the leadership of Bishop Ralph L. Dennis.

Personal Life

The most important aspect of Dr. McEwan’s life is her family. She has been blessed with a wonderful husband, two daughters, one son-in-law, four God-fearing and gifted grandchildren, one granddaughter-in-law and three great grandchildren.

She is the author of two books and founded Royal Priesthood Global Ministries, Inc. to create inspirational publications to reach the masses. She has broadcasted the Good News over several local radio and TV stations, and has taken part in documentaries.  

She is currently preparing to write script for a Movie or TV series in collaboration with Megamind Media, an American Film & Production Company.

Dr. McEwan is well-respected throughout the community for her work with college students, service to not-for-profit entities and the founding of outreach ministries.

She is affiliated with Koinonia Congregation, Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries, Pastors Strengthening Pastors and Clergy United of the Greater Metropolitan Area.