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"...His praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 34:1

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Providing inspirational words, and teaching the love and message of Jesus Christ allows Jacqueline R. McEwan Ministries of Upper Marlboro, MD to provide resources to the Washington, D.C. community and beyond. 

“Women in the Pews”

Pat Lawson Muse of NBC4-TV, Washington, D. C. speaks about Women in the Pews, "In this world we work for a paycheck, but in ministry, we must work to profit the kingdom. Jackie's book speaks directly from the heart of God to holy women. We can't afford to waste hime with "busy" work. We have to get out of the pews and into a place where our work produces eternal profit."

Bishop Ralph L. Dennis, presiding prelate,  Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries writes "Jackie's book is a must read for both women in the pews and men who are sensitive to their callings and anointing. She speaks out of the depths of experience. I recommend it as individual or group reading to assist in creating strategies for emerging leaders."

This book was birthed out of the author’s own experiences, and speaks to the very heart of women capable of seizing life's moments and achieving success in any venture. The author shares excerpts from her journey of constant ministry struggles and encourages women to disband defeat and failure while allowing the manifestation of God's grace and power to manifest in them. 

“Women in the Pews” reminds us that each woman has a divine purpose and unique calling. Many talented and gifted women are apprehensive to pursue what lies dormant within them and continue to just sit in the pews of our places of worship. This book shows them there is another way.

In this season of great progress of women making great strides in the secular world as leaders in highly visible corporate positions, and in the field of religion, many remain bound by the traditional beliefs that have hindered them. In our worship places, these same women accept positions beneath their qualifications in spite of being capable of functioning in leadership roles. God has given women powerful gifts to ignite, develop, release and share, thus taking their place of worship to new levels in God's plan for His kingdom.

There should never be an excuse to become content in bleak circumstances. Now is the time for women to utilize their God-given expertise to inspire others to reach their highest potential. 

There just might be ministry buried behind a secular profession. The author encourages those women who still remain in the pews to flow in their God-given gifts and allow God to use them in transforming others.

New Mercies”

Bishop Ronald Demery Jr, Pastor, Bible Way Church, Washington, DC - "McEwan does it again, First "Women in the Pews" and now "New Mercies". A very insightful and thought provoking book. A must read for the Body of Christ." 

Bishop Janie Carr, Pastor/Overseer, Christian Outreach International Center of Deliverance, Hyattsville, MD and First Pentecostal Churches of Deliverance, Fayetteville, NC. - "What a phenomenal book that should be read by many, McEwan has given us a wonderful teaching tool to better understand God's new mercies of love toward His people. She speaks from the heart of God. I recommend this book to pastors, congregations and everyone else.

This book is based on true life-changing experiences illustrating the mercies of God. “New Mercies” is derived from the King James version of Jeremiah's writings in Lamentations Chapter 3, Verses 22 and 23, which states profoundly: "It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” 

What can be sensed in this passage of scripture is the presence of God's undeniable love, His abundant compassion and His extraordinary protection. All this is available to us, when certainly He could have allowed our darkest circumstances to destroy us. 

The author shares some of her angelic encounters and supernatural acts of God seemingly in impossible situations. There are other events that will cause you to simply pause and ponder. Be encouraged and motivated as you read each chapter. Allow the Lord to empower and thrust you into experiencing the manifestation of His glory in your own life.

The author realizes that whatever a new day brings, there really are new mercies each morning. We experience a new manifestation of God’s mercy when we take one more breath. Right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life, His faithfulness and His miraculous power are demonstrated throughout our day.

We must learn to rejoice right in the center of confusion, discomfort and misery. We must recognize heaven is activated by our voices as we lift up praises to God. Yearning for the presence of the Lord in the midst of our circumstances is essential. God will overshadow us with His unfailing love. Not just once does He do this, His hand of mercy is upon us daily. 

In sharing these simple concise truths, the author’s prayer is for you to be enriched and empowered to rise above any issues causing delayed progression in your walk with the Lord. Her desire is that you are encouraged to overcome any obstacle that interferes with your relationship with the Lord. She encourages you to watch the hand of God bestow “new mercies” as He transforms situations for His glory. 

You are invited to come along on this journey and allow each stopover to minister as small portions of her experiences unfold.

This book is also available as an e-book from the following retailers: Apple’s iBooks Store (available only on the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch), The Kindle Store and the KOBO Bookstore.